How i solved: Accessing non-existent property ‘some-value’ of module exports inside circular dependency (nodejs warning)

I had written this nodejs code shown in the snapshot below:

and then i got the error: (node:17288) Warning: Accessing non-existent property ‘use’ of module exports inside circular dependency.

After a lot of struggles, there are two ways i found to clear the warning message:

  1. Simply downgrade your node version (i downgraded from node 14 to 10 using nvm)
  2. Search for the particular keyword in your code that the warning mentioned and see what’s up with it.

So immediately i downgraded from node 14 to 10, the warning disappeared; but i still wanted to continue using node 14, so i tried the second option also; i searched for the keyword “use” mentioned in the error

and i found something interesting in my code at line 4

My God, how did this code at line 4 get here; i don’t remember writing this line of code, to be sure; I go to the required file “routes.js” to see what’s there that warranted me to de-structure “use” in this manner and why didn’t I use it afterall, and behold; routes.js has no such function exported – must have mistakenly typed this or something. I quickly comment out line 4 from my code, revert back my node version to 14 and restarted my server and behold the warning is gone.

Hope this helps someone else fix this problem.

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